Who we are

ESI Consultants are regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) to provide immigration advice and services at level 3 in International Protection and level 2 Immigration. Our consultants possess the experience, knowledge and personality to provide sharp, detailed and bespoke services.

We specialise in UK Immigration law and have a track record of a high success rate with decisions ranging from entry clearance and leave to remain applications, to settlement, British nationality and revocation/deprivation preventions.

We also assist with Schengen Visa applications and applications for an Albanian passport, ID or travel permit. Please see the related pages for more details.

We offer cutting-edge service from – and we do so for a reasonable and competitive fee because we are here to help .

We work towards an everlasting client-representative rapport which starts with our commitment to hear your story and discuss your matter over a free initial consultation (10-15 minutes)!

So, if we can help, we’ll do it. . .